Thursday, 14 May 2015

Interesting facts about How I Hit #1 on Google: The Complete SEO Course #Review #imarketxl

I am studying How to Hit #1 on Google: The complete SEO Course with #Imarketxl. I am very happy with the course so far and I have learned tons! This course is the highest-rated SEO course on Udemy. They are very confident with their course that they will give back 15% cash on top of the refund.

I have learned a lot about computer by myself and I am very assured with my knowledge. But seriously, I am so glad that I tried this course. I realized that I still have to learn a lot more about SEO. I didn't know a lot about many useful website mentions in this course.

In this course, you'll learn to:

  • Improve conversions 100% by increasing the speed of your site.
  • Make your site mobile-friendly.
  • Optimize every post/page of your site so that Google see your content as high-quality, authoritative and informative.
  • Increase the amount of time people spend on your site.
  • Massively boost click-through rate with a rarely used technique.
  • Build links from high-SEO visibility sites.
  • Put your links and site on the 1st page of Google every time.
  • Lead your visitors from informational posts to purchase pages.
  • Create 240+ backlinks for your local business today.
  • Get your website mentioned on high traffic news domains.
  • Go viral with 2 amazing plugins and one proven strategy

All of the lessons are screen recorded which is very easy to understand. I can see everything (and even can listen to it while I am cooking meals for my family.) The course is very easy to finish. Each of the videos are not long at all. Most of them are about 3-5 minutes. I really appreciate that each of the videos are not long because it makes me keep on going, and not giving up. (I am very busy with 2 little ones and I feel like the baby brain never left me.) Before I know it, I already finished many videos. Many websites that mentioned in this course, I didn't know about it before. I like that because they are screen recorded, so that I can see and compare what they are like before I decided what I would like to use or download it on to my computer. I really recommended this course!

For a limited of time, you can get this course for only $19, normally $399! Please follow the link.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Create family memorable time at breakfast with Kellogg's surprise

This spring, Kellogg's Canada would like to bring back a fun, surprise breakfast to all Canadians. When you purchase any Specially-marked, family-size boxes of Kellogg's cereal, you will find one of five collectable Cereal & Milk Spoon Straws inside! Each spoon straw features a beloved Kellogg's character.


When I was young, my breakfast was pretty boring. We lived in Thailand and almost every morning, my mom went to get something from the market close by. She always buy us some deep fried dough. (Even now when we went to visit her!) I love dipping it with my hot chocolate milk. (I saw my dad did it first.) It absorbs all the drink into the dough and taste really good!

Even though, my experience might sounds very simple but it is so special. Now that my dad had passed away, this memory became memorable. I think about him when I dip cookies in my hot chocolate.


I love spending time with my family. Now that I have 2 children, I love seeing them have fun together. I remember when we went on the cruise a few years ago. My daughter favorite breakfast was Kellogg's Froot Loops. She had it every morning...(and almost all day long as a snack!) It was a lot of fun during that time. I really hope that she will remember some of that. I want to create precious memorable breakfast moments for them.

Do you have any memorable breakfast moments? or What do you want to do to create one for your family? Now that you have a chance to create one for your family with Kellogg's. Don't miss out Kellogg's Cereal & Milk Spoon Straws. Hurry while supplies last!

 She couldn't wait but grabbed it right away. She loves that they are both spoons and straws.

Kellogg's spoon straw 2015
 One missing because she didn't want to give it up.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Peekapak: Free $40 gift pack for parents to give to teachers

Peekapak has a limited time offer where you can give to your child's (or your) favorite teacher a $40 downloadable gift pack, for Teacher Appreciation Week. This includes:

$10 to use at

A 3 month subscription to ($30), which includes:

3 digital storybooks

12 lesson plans

12 at-home activities

You can sign up by visiting:


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