Thursday, 18 August 2016

Hallmark back to school 2016 #LoveHallmarkCA #Review

I can't believe that back to school is next month already! I am kind of excited though since my daughter is going to school this year. There are lots for me to do to get ready for her school. I have a lot of fun getting all the school bag ready. I feel like I haven't done this for a long time.

To add more fun to my back to school lists, Hallmark Canada offers so many cool products that I cannot wait to share with Learn to be a Mom readers. I am sure that your kids will love to get at least one of these items. 

learn to be a mom

Let's take a look at each of them.

Hallmark Journal Simulated leather. This journal is very classy. It is 160 pages for  $11.95. I would use this for all the notes from school.

This is another cool journal. Seems to be more simple in pink but it is only $9.95 for 160 pages.

And this one is my favorite journal. I like the design and the color on the cover. Another 160 pages for $11.95. This one doesn't have lines in each page so it is great for drawing something.

These are another great collection, Peanuts. There are 4 different designs to add into your new cabinet. We received the Charlie Brown & Linus. We just love them! Also they are dishwasher safe. For my household, I love everything dishwasher safe. Anything that give me less work and more time for my family, I am in.

These are cute little note cards. There are 4 of each designs in the package. A nice little notes always make the day.

This is a glass plate that I probably use for my pencils, eraser or paper clips. Very cute and vibrant colors add some fun on my desk. It did say on the back that not suitable for food  contact so I am not recommended to use for any snack.

Next is the awesome yearly planner. The one on the right is to be used with the clip board that you will see in the picture in the bottom. Let's check out how awesome this planner is first.

Look at all these tabs. It starting from September. Super perfect for school year. I am going to use this one to record all my daughter's school year.  

 With 2 different planning details. This will really helps me get organize.
 This is another planner. I love the cover. My sister-in-law will love this planner if she saw it.

 This one is not as details as the other one above. Doesn't has any monthly tabs but if this one if a better fits for you, why not, eh?

 Ok, here is the clip board I was mentioned earlier. (The one on the left.) The one on the right, is another journal.

 As you can see on the back of the clip board, it is with tablet for $9.95. This will come in handy for a quick notes.

And this is the journal. It is smaller, a perfect size for my purse. It is 160 pages for $11.95. The front cover has magnetic snap for closing.


 These are 2 sets of 6 files folders. It is $5.95 each. Don't you love the designs and colors? They are awesome to me.

Last but not least, socks! I would have to say that these are my daughter's most favorite items. She loves the unicorn cats. They are very nice and soft. I can't hold back but have to try it on.

After all these products I have shared with you, which one that you would like to get for either yourself or your children? Would be fun to read some of your ideas. 

*Disclosure - I am apart of Hallmark Press Pause Panel. The product in this review was provided to me free of charge for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation. #LoveHallmarkCA

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Habibi’s yummy Mediterranean Foods #Review

I always search for some new all-natural healthy food for my family. Lately I was introduced to a Vancouver-born Habibi’s Mediterranean Foods. These products are all-natural and authentic fresh foods with great tasting and yet healthy!!

Habibi is an Aramaic and Arabic word whose literal meaning is my beloved, friend or darling.

I was lucky to try Habibi’s hummuses; Basil and Garlic and Lebanese style. They are super tasty. I have tried some other brands before and found that many of them are too salty for me. The Habibi's hummus are not though. That is extra point for me.

Not just only the 2 hummuses that I tried. They have many more dips and hummuses for us to choose from. I just wish the store close by our house has more selection. These included seven flavours such as Baba Ganoush, Smoked Eggplant Dip, Tsatziki, and Tahini. Hmmm....sounds very tasty!

Food lovers can now enjoy two new products: Mediterranean Black Bean Dip, and Lebanese Garlic Sauce, Spread and Marinade, not yet found in the market. Habibi’s plans to introduce two new flavours, Chocolate Tahini and Labneh this summer. Habibi’s does not use canned chickpeas for their hummuses. They source the ingredients from a local farm and cook them themselves. They are also the exclusive supplier of sauces for the Donair Dude restaurant chain, and are looking to supply to other local franchises.
I love that all the ingredients are not from cans but fresh from local farm. Check out these ingredients. They look great to me!

For more information on Habibi’s rich history and mission, visit:

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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Take a Hike! Outdoor Joose #Review #Giveaway

With this awfully hot weather that we finally got, we love to spend time outside. Being outside for too long, we need to get something to protect our skin.

We have got to try this awesome moisturizing outdoor spray, Take a Hike. I love that it starts with 25% Aloe Vera juice. My mom always use Aloe Vera for us when we were all kids. It works very well. But this product it doesn't only have just that, it also contain a combination of pure essential oils in a witch hazel base. To top it off, it does not come in a pressurized container or contain any chemicals, making it safe for the environment.

I spray it on our skin before we went out. Our skin absorbed it quickly and it doesn't feel sticky at all. And it smells really good!

This product safe for use on children 1 and up. For infants, safe to spray of clothing, carriers, strollers, etc. but best to avoid direct skin contact.

Directions to use:

Shake well before and during use. Spray on exposed skin and avoid contact with eyes. Re-apply after swimming or excessive perspiration.

For doggers: may be sprayed directly onto their coat, however avoid the face and eyes


Witch hazel extract, Distilled water, Aloe vera juice, Essential oils of Cedarwood*, Lavender*, Rosemary*, Eucalyptus*, Pine*, Lemongrass & Lemon Eucalyptus. * = certified organic
Take a Hike! Outdoor Joose is:
• a natural, deet-­‐free, non-­‐toxic way to enjoy the outdoors
• perfect for gardening, hiking, camping and all other outdoor activities
• herbal and filled with essential oils like Lemon Eucalyptus and Cedarwood; both known for their awesome outdoor qualities!
• handmade by herbalists and safe for daily use

Take a Hike! Outdoor Joose is made in Canada and available for sale at over 100 retailers across Canada and online at To find a local retailer, visit and click on Where to Buy. The 125 mL Outdoor Joose retails for $10.95 and the 250ml retails for $17.95. 

Want to win one?

I have a bottle of Take a Hike! Outdoor Joose to giveaway. The winner must be Canada who is over the age of 18 and where permitted by local laws to enter and win giveaways. This giveaway is sponsored by Oyaco. Please ensure that you read the full terms and conditions found at the bottom of the entry form.


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